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William A. Hall

Bill joined the company in 1972. He was an EMT and Asst. Ambulance Captain from 1977 until 1980, Financial Secretary from 1987 until 1989, Fire Recorder in 1979, he has held every position on the Line Officers and he was Fire Chief from 1999 until 2001. He has served on various committees including the 50 yr Anniversary Committee and the 75th Anniversary Committee on which he serves with his daughter Arin. During his membership he received his Life Membership in 1979 which was given to him for his heroism after the arson of the fire house. This award was given to him by Past Chief John H. Williams and Deputy Chief Lee Jackson. He received the Outstanding Firemens Award in 1987 and in 1998 he received the John H. Williams Award. He spent a year preparing for the Y2K disaster that never happened, but at least he had prepared his membership for the possibilty of a potential disaster. Bill initiated the first paid ambulance crew between two fire departments. The Bowers/Frederica EMS service was started in 2000. After a 20 year feud these companies began to work together and so much good has come about since then. He also was the one to prepare the company for the White Powder Scare of 2000. This was when anything from sugar to tissue lint was thought to be ANTHRAX !! And on a day that we all will remember, Bill and recently deceased Past Ambulance Captain John Klink took A-40 to NYC on 9/11/01 along with 27 other ambulances from DE to help in the transportation of victims from the collapse of the Twin Towers earlier that morning. They said good-bye to their families in order to do their duty which was to help others in times of need. Among his many accomplishments are: Level II Rope Rescue Tech, 1st Team of Swift Water Rescue, 1st Team Storm Surge Rescue, he has participated in many of the new truck committees including R40, 40-2, 40-3, and 40-6, also built one truck WD-40 which was a 2000 gal per min mobile large ditch pump on an old ambulance chassis. The one thing that Bill is most proud of is his family and himself are still very active in the Fire and EMS service for the Bowers Fire Company. His son Andrew is a member along with his daughter Arin, even his son-in-law has become an active member and is currently Chief Engineer Adam Warner.

Positions Held:

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Bingo - Games @ 7:00 pm

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